Holy Molluscamony – Game Jam Build Download

Holy Molluscamony Game Download

Holy Molluscamony is a very silly and hilariously voiced point and click adventure in which you attempt to figure out which of the two versions of your friend is a giant slug clone.

It’s your best friend’s wedding day but when you go to meet her at the wedding venue you find that there are two identical versions of her. It seems that a giant slug monster has taken on her appearance. It’s up to you to figure out which one is the slug and which one is your friend by using the three things you know about slugs – they’re sticky, they love beer and they hate salt.

Holy Molluscamony plays out using a traditional Monkey Island-style SCUMM interface which can feel a little clunky at times but adds to the charm of the game. To get to the bottom of the slug mystery you’ll have to search for useful items, talk to your odd friends and relatives, and solve some inventive puzzles.

It’s a well crafted little point and click adventure, with great pixel art animation and clever puzzle design, but it’s the hilarious dialogue and exceptional regional British voice work really make the game. Each encounter with a guest is an absolute delight, thanks to their funny quirks and the extensive amounts of fully voiced alternate dialogue. Good luck getting to the bottom of this sticky situation – giant slug monsters are no laughing matter!

Download Holy Molluscamony Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

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