Holy Smokes – Alpha Demo

Holy Smokes is an addictive roguelike arcade adventure that plays like a blend of Mr. Driller and Bomberman as you use bombs to help an angel blast her way down into the Underworld.

In Holy Smokes you take on the role of an angel called Faith, who is on a very special mission. You are tasked with blasting your way down into the underworld and destroying the Demon King before his army breaks out and invades the heavens. Your weapon of choice is bombs, which you need to strategically place to blast your way through the earth and various types of enemies, whilst still avoiding being blown up by them yourself. As you progress through the levels you collect gems, unlock upgrades and level up, with you encountering increasingly challenging types of enemies along the way.

It’s a VERY tough game initially, which requires a little perseverance to get to grips with, but it’s also very addictive and a lot of fun. There are lots of secrets to discover as you blast your way down from the heavens and there’s a Binding of Isaac-esque feeling that your next run will be the prefect one. A colorful and addictive bomb-filled adventure well worth blasting your way into.

Download The Holy Smokes Alpha Demo Here (Windows)