Homage to the Dead – Game Jam Build

Homage to the Dead is a very tense PS1/VHS styled first person horror adventure where you solve puzzles and attempt to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

Drawing inspiration from George A. Romero’s classic Living Dead movies, Homage to the Dead uses its PS1-stayed visuals and fuzzy VHS video filters to create a dark and grimy atmosphere that actually makes you feel like you’re in one of the late director’s movies. The audio design is excellent too, with lots of freaky zombie noises audible through the walls and the Night of the Living Dead style news bulletin you can listen to on the radio.

The current game jam build of Homage to the Dead serves as a teaser for the dev’s planned full release and features around 10 minutes of nail-biting gameplay. There are a couple of jump scares, but the real horror comes from the dread-filled atmosphere and the level design that leads to some very intense moments –  such as when you have to actively trap yourself in a room with a zombie.

We’ll look forward to seeing more of Homage to the Dead, but even in its current form it’s a fantastic bite sized zombie apocalypse horror adventure. Dark, grimy and very scary. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Homage to the Dead Here (Windows)