Höme Improvisåtion – Game Jam Build Download

home improvisation

Höme Improvisåtion is a wonderful tongue-in-cheek furniture building game that sees you assembling the sort of furniture you’d get from a well known Swedish outlet, without any instructions at hand.

Building the furniture is remarkably easy at first (easier than the real thing anyway), with you just having to orientate the parts and snap the pegs into the holes.  But as the furniture gets more complex, and multiple kits arrive at the same time, things get a bit trickier.

As any peg can fit into any hole from any kit, you can make some truly monstrous creations (especially if you’re playing in multiplayer).  Ever wanted to know what the offspring of a table mating with a lamp would be?  Well now you can find out!  Hint: It ain’t pretty!  

Note: Press ‘]’ to call in more kits

Download Höme Improvisåtion HERE