Home Safety Hotline – Beta Demo

Home Safety Hotline is an analog horror game where you work in a call center dedicated to protecting callers from pests and household hazards.

Created by Nicholas Lives (creator of A Wonderful Day For Fishing and Night Signal, Home Safety Hotline is a horror game where you work in a call center. Working in a call center may already seem like a pretty horrific fate, but this call center is particularly creepy…

Your job is basically to answer calls, listen to the callers; problems and then use your database to figure out what the problem could be. The problems can be simple things like vermin, burst pipes or black mold, but there are also other more unusual causes – such as creepy cryptids like a Stair Slug and a Lamp Sprite.

It’s a very inventive concept that’s cleverly implemented with a retro Windows 95 style UI and a nice selection of different hazards to discover. The different callers are also very entertaining and figuring out what their problems are is a lot of fun. Far more fun than working in a call center should be anyway! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Home Safety Hotline Gameplay Video Here

Download The Home Safety Hotline Beta Demo Here (Steam)