Home Sweet Home – Beta Demo


Home Sweet Home is a terrifying Unreal Engine 4 powered first person horror adventure that draws inspiration from Thai mythology as you solve puzzles and use stealth to escape a house that’s haunted by a malevolent evil spirit.

In Home Sweet Home you take on the role of Tim, whose wife mysteriously went missing a long time ago. One night, still mourning the loss of his wife, Tim wakes up in a mysterious abandoned house that’s haunted by an evil female spirit. It’s up to you to use stealth to avoid the spirit and use your wits to solve puzzles as you attempt to get to the bottom of the house’s sinister secret and hopefully escape in one piece.

Aside from a few issues with Tim’s rather awkward voiceover, the audio and visual design in Home Sweet Home is superb, and is easily on par with mainstream titles such as Outlast or Alien Isolation (both of which the gameplay is fondly reminiscent of). The deadly female spirit that haunts the house will chase and kill you if she sees you, but you can use a mixture of sneaking and hiding places (such as lockers) to avoid her. She feels a lot like a malevolent spirit in an Asian horror movie, akin to The Ring – she’s deadly, but there’a also deep sorrow in her, as if she’s been done a great injustice. She really is terrifying to be in a room with though, and her way of travelling through walls is particularly disturbing.

After spending some time with the Home Sweet Home Beta Demo, we look forward to (and dread) coming face to face with the full game. It’s a tense and terrifying experience that easily holds its own against horror heavyweights such as Outlast, Alien Isolation and Amnesia. It feels like you’re inside a Ring-style Asian horror movie that you can’t escape from – horror fans will love (and loathe) every minute of it. Highly recommended!

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Special thanks to Nokzen for the heads up about this game!