Homebound – Game Jam Build Download


Homebound, a short and mysterious Undertale-esque narrative made for the Asylum Jam 2016 sees you exploring a strangely familiar house and discovering your forgotten memories.

You start Homebound, in a strange house. You feel like you know this place but you don’t know why. As you walk around, there are various rooms and objects to interact with. Once you find an item that invokes a memory, a door is unlocked and you are able to proceed.

You do not go far, however – you end up back in the same house but with other memories to find. Sometimes the last object you interacted with is changed or not the way you did remember it. You can start to learn about your past and what has brought you here – that is until you have no more memories to find. Then you must press on to the future.

Homebound weaves an interesting narrative during its short playtime, as each new object unlocks a little bit of the story but doesn’t give too much away. There are little nods to Undertale in the game, but Homebound is very much its own game – a short, strange and surprisingly dark little adventure well worth checking out.

Play or Download Homebound Here (Browser & Win)