Homebrew – Pre-Alpha Demo


Homebrew is a very cool vehicle building sandbox game, that allows you to build all manner of vehicles and test them out in a vast valley full of dirt tracks, jumps and picturesque scenery to fly over and crash into.

The Game consists of 3 core values – Dream, Build & enjoy.  This basically means you can build any vehicle you can dream up and enjoy driving/flying it in the vast test area.

The building system can be a little daunting at first, but if you pay close attention to the tutorial you won’t go far wrong (the only thing that it doesn’t mention is that you can rotate connected parts by clicking on the blue discs).  Once you’ve learned the basics of vehicle building, it really does start to feel quite intuitive and you’ll be building all manner of vehicles in no time.

Although the current build is classed as a Pre-Alpha Demo, it’s an exceptionally large demo, allowing you to create pretty much anything you desire and collect orbs out on the test track to unlock and purchase new parts.  The full game promises a to have a lot more vehicle parts, multiplayer, and will allow you to share creations with others.  It’s an impressive building kit and a fun sandbox to play around with, allowing you to dream, build and enjoy, then drive it over a cliff!

UPDATE: This Pre-Alpha Demo Is No Longer Available