Homewords – Beta Demo

Homewords is a charming narrative driven adventure where you try to prevent a young girl from insulting anyone as she searches for her parents on an alien planet.

Well, it looks like we finally did it. The human race ended up making Earth totally uninhabitable and it’s only thanks to a friendly race of aliens that they managed to survive. The aliens are called Homoshapiens (on account of them having differently shaped heads) and they’re a (mostly) friendly race and they have transported the entire human race onto the planet of Orbtüse where they’ll be able to live with other aliens.

During the migration to the new planet, a little girl called Zoë got separated from her parents. You take on the role of a mute stranger called Vincent, who found the girl and promised to help her find her parents. Along the way you’ll explore the planet Orbtüse, solve puzzles and chat to NPCs.

There is one catch though – as you can’t talk, Zoë does all the talking to the people you meet and she can be a little rude. You need to pay attention to what she’s saying and cut her off if she starts to say anything insulting. Otherwise the friendly aliens are unlikely to be quite so friendly towards you!

The demo build of Homewords takes around 25 minutes to play through and really impresses with it’s fun premise, high quality pixel artwork and great sense of humor. The writing is particularly well done and both of the main characters are very endearing. Sure, Zoë can be rude but she’s not a horrible kid, she just doesn’t know any better. Maybe she’ll learn to be nicer on your adventure!

Download The Homewords Beta Demo Here (Windows)