Honey Rose: UFE – Beta Demo

Honey Rose Download

Honey Rose: UFE blends 2D beat ’em up combat with branching narrative visual novel gameplay to create a unique “life-management simulator” in which you play a university student who’s attempting to balance her studying with her dream of winning a prestigious wrestling championship.

In Honey Rose: UFE, you take on the role of Red, someone who really is the embodiment of a ‘strong female lead’, as she balances her studies with beating people up in the ring.  In the game you’ll make friends and enemies while wrestling and at university, as you take classes, train hard and fight harder.

With it’s impressive 2D artwork, fun beat ’em up gameplay and well written story, it’s clear a lot of love and hard work has gone into creating the current build of Honey Rose: UFE.  We can’t wait to join Red on more of her wrestling adventures in the future.  Someone get Vince McMahon on the phone – this is how you combine storytelling and wrestling!

Download the Honey Rose: UFE Beta Demo Here