Hoover – Game Jam Build Download

Hoover Game Download

Hoover, a super tough and quirky platformer made for the GMTK Game Jam, has you trying to outrun the rising water by sucking and blowing air with your vacuum cleaner!

In Hoover, your vacuum cleaner is the most useful object your stubby little penguin body can carry. You can’t walk so must use the air from it to propel yourself around the level, as well as suck in air so you can continue to propel. When sucking in air, you can also suck in fish for more points or enemies to get rid of them. When blowing out air, you can move platforms and alter the course of projectiles. You can even burst out air to attack enemies without moving yourself!

Moving around the game world is hard enough, nut the world around you is also slowly filling with water, forcing you to constantly move upwards onto platforms of ice, rock, and wood. The ice platforms can be hit with your head to smash them, however, this will push you downwards temporarily. Wooden platforms can be moved once you are on it, using the pressure from your vacuum. There are also power-ups dotted around, which can be picked up to give you more health or allow your vacuum to hold more air. These power-ups will really help you continue to evade the water, as you will need whatever help you can get.

It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of the movement in Hoover as small changes in the angle of your vacuum make a big impact in where you are flying towards. Even once you do get the hang of it then it’s still a very tough game. See if you can rise to the challenge and save your little penguin!

Download Hoover Here (Windows)