Horde – Game Jam Build Download

Horde is a fun little zombie horde simulator which allows you to amass a huge zombie horde and run amok in an urban environment.

In Horde you start off with one zombie but each human you come into contact with is instantly converted to your brain-eating side. This means that you can amass a sizable horde very quickly when there are large crowds around. Most of the humans are defenseless and don’t even run from you, but you do have to worry about the army who attempt to mow down your horde with their guns. You need to charge at them and quickly overpower them before they do too much damage to your horde.

It’s a simple, but fun little game with three different levels in three unique settings (forest, bridge and bunker), which contain some tricky moments. The carnage that unfolds as you hurl the mass of your zombie horde at the army is particularly satisfying and never gets old!

Download Horde Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)