Horror Legends – Open Beta

Horror Legends is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game that draws inspiration from classic VHS era horror movies and pits three humans against one monstrous Horror Legend.

Currently in development by October Games (creators of Puppet Master: The Game), Horror Legends pits one big freaky monster against three humans. The current Beta build features one large map, one game mode, one Horror Legend and four human characters to choose from.

The humans play in first person, with each of the four selectable characters having their own backstories and weapon loadouts. Humans can also pick up and use any weapons they find scattered around the map – the majority of these are melee weapons like pitchforks and knives, but there are also handguns and shotguns for those who want to avoid getting up close and personal with the monster.

When playing as a Horror Legend players can switch between first person and third person views, with each Legend having their own unique abilities to aid them in their fight against the pesky humans. Punkie for instance (who’s available in the Beta) has the ability to turn his prey into his Gourd Minions, who shuffle about around him and aid him in battle.

It’s a promising game, with high quality visual design, fun asymmetric multiplayer combat (that’s more of a straight-up fight than most asymmetric monster vs human games) and a large open map that’s full of staples from classic horror movies (barns, woods, abandoned houses and even a corn field). The Open Beta is live until November the 16th when it launches on Steam Early Access, so get in quick for some fright-filled asymmetric multiplayer fun.

Download The Horror Legends Beta Here (Windows)