Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt – Beta Sign Up

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt is a roguelite stealth survival horror game where you attempt to scavenge ambrosia from a monster-infested cornfield.

In Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt you are the appointed Warden of the cursed village of Luna Nova. During the night you are tasked with harvesting precious ambrosia from the cornfields. This ambrosia is the village’s only hope of salvation, but you’re not alone in the cornfields – horrifying monsters are on the hunt too. You’ll be able to sacrifice health for valuable tools and you’ll be able to draw cards with unique perks that should aid your cause.

It’s a creepy looking game with an interesting premise and the roguelite elements should allow for plenty of replayability. Sign up for the Beta if you think you can survive the cursed cornfields.

Sign Up For The Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)