HORROR TALES: The Wine – Alpha Demo

HORROR TALES: The Wine is a surreal first person horror adventure set in a vast (apparently) empty island that was abandoned due to a deadly pandemic.

In HORROR TALES: The Wine you explore an eerie abandoned island in search of a bottle of wine that may be key in curing your illness. You’ll need to explore, search for clues and solve environmental puzzles as you make your way through the island. However, it appears the island isn’t totally uninhabited, and whoever’s there doesn’t take too kindly to visitors.

The current build of HORROR TALES: The Wine takes around an hour to play through and features a nice mixture of exploration, environmental puzzles, surreal oddity and horror. The puzzles are very inventive and the whole island links together with unlockable shortcuts as in a metroidvania or a Souls game.

The visuals in HORROR TALES: The Wine are beautiful – in fact when you first set foot on the island the beautiful vistas from the sun-soaked island are a far cry from a traditional gloomy horror game. Things do get darker later on, but you do get to poke your head out now and again to get a bit of daylight and there are a few surreal moments with non-euclidean architecture that really shake things up.

It could perhaps do with an in-game camera to take pictures of useful clues, but other than that HORROR TALES: The Wine is off to a great start. Its post-pandemic island is a fascinating place to explore, the puzzles are well thought out and there are some very freaky moments. It’s certainly a reminder that life under a pandemic could be worse!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The HORROR TALES: The Wine Alpha Demo Here (Steam)