Hot Pot – Game Jam Build

Hot Pot, an adorable physics based cooking game made for the A Game By It’s Cover 2018 jam, has you controlling a little hot pot who makes soup out of the ingredients it pilfers from around the town.

You are a cute, sentient pot of boiling water, hoping to bring delicious soup to everyone who craves it. As a pot, you don’t have a concept of currency or purchasing items. Instead, you need to find and steal any ingredient you need to make the desired soup. All of the people that are dotted around the world have various orders that require 5 ingredients. These ingredients can be found in gardens, other restaurants, in shops, and in kitchens all around the town.

You must bump your pot into the areas near these items, forcing them to pop out, and then catch them in your soup pot. Once you have 5 ingredients in your pot, you can interact with the person you want to feed. The closest your soup is to what they want, the more points you will earn. People won’t just let you take their hard earned ingredients freely though and will start throwing whatever they have at you. You can, if timing it correctly, whack these items back. Otherwise, you will take damage and loose some of your lovely broth. If you run out of broth, the game will be over. How much tasty soup will you be able to serve?

Download Hot Pot Here (Windows)