Hotel Conifornia – Game Jam Build

Hotel conifornia game

Hotel Conifornia, a hilarious randomly generated room-finding adventure made for Ludum Dare 37, has you attempting to find your hotel room by walking into random rooms and talking to some rather odd people, most of whom have been in town to attend conventions – including furry cons, vape cons and air con cons!

In Hotel Conifornia you play a businessman who is looking for your hotel room. The company you work for has booked you a room in a pretty bad area of the town, though this could not have been prevented. You are unsure what your room number is, and the hotel staff isn’t too helpful, so you need to search the hotel and find it yourself!

Inside these various rooms are groups of people you can interact with; a guy indulging on donuts, two people vaping, some people arguing about lore. Many of them are attending different conventions, which is why most of the hotels in the area are booked. You must interact with these people, trying to see if they may somehow help you find your room. Some people are offended by what you say, others are curious as to what you want, and some ignore you altogether.

Hotel Conifornia is randomly generated, so the layout of the hotel is different every time and you’re never sure what odd characters you’re going to meet.  Whoever you meet though the conversations are usually pretty hilarious.  If you explore long enough and chat to the right people you may even uncover clues that will lead you to your room – but even if that room eludes you forever, you’ll have a damn good time trying to find it!

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