House – Game Jam Build

House game

House, a very creepy and surprisingly brutal pixel art puzzle adventure made for the Stencyl Jam, sees you attempting to save a little girl from a being brutally killed in her home.

You are a little girl, seemingly alone in a house full of horrors. After waking up in the middle of the night you notice your doll has moved. This doll is not something to fear, however, and will ask you for a favor. You can explore the house to try and solve the dolls needs and figure out what is happening around you. Be VERY careful, however, as there are many horrible ways to die in this house!

House is full of deadly hazards; spikes, boarded up doors, monsters, giant rats. As you make your way around, you will find weapons to combat the evil creatures lurking inside the home. If you are able to defeat each one, you can figure out the best way to complete the game. Some creatures may seem like monsters, but make sure you talk to them if they do not attack you first. You have to be quick though, as after a set amount of time ‘Daddy’ will arrive home carrying a knife and will promptly stab you in the head if he catches you!

The charming pixel art visuals of House hide a remarkably dark little game – a very tense and unsettling experience in which you’re constantly in fear of your life. A brutal little slice of pixel art horror well worth checking out.

Play House Here (Browser)