House of Horror – Prototype Download

house of horror game download

House of Horror is a promising first person horror adventure that blends cerebral puzzles with surreal sights and jump scares as you attempt to escape from a horror-filled house.

In House of Horror you play an unknown protagonist who’s trapped inside a dark and grimy haunted house and must escape before you die. There’s a few challenging puzzles to solve and some grotesque sights to behold as you make your way around the house. You don’t feel like you’re in real peril most of the time, but it’s an unsettling place to be in, especially as there are also quite a few jump scares and rooms that suddenly change when your back’s turned.

House of Horror is currently in the prototype phase of development so it has plenty of rough edges, especially with regards to some of the visuals. But it certainly shows potential – the jump scares land more often than not, it has a very tense atmosphere, the puzzles are satisfyingly tricky and there’s always an uneasy feeling that if you turn your back on something then there’ll be something nasty there when you turn back around again. A scary and cerebral little horror adventure prototype that’s certainly worth building on.

Tip: Stuck for the Door code? Check Out The Description Text In This Video For A Hint!

Tip 2: Once you open that safe, RUN!

Download House of Horror Here (Windows)