Hover Raider – Alpha Download

Hover Raider is a simple, but very stylish futuristic racing game that plays like F-Zero set in a TRON-esque neon-filled world.

The high speed anti-gravity racing of Hover Raider takes place on gravity defying tracks surrounded by neon-filled cities. The current build features seven tracks, three different vehicles and two different game modes (race and battle). Race mode is a straight up race, much like in F-Zero, while battle mode introduced basic weaponry into the mix. At the moment race mode is the most fun of the two as battle mode just feels like a chaotic free-for-all.

It’s still very early in development but Hover Raider shows a lot of promise. There are a lot of features that it’d be nice to see added (such as boosting, powersliding and shoving), but the core gameplay already feels fondly reminiscent of F-Zero. It whizzes by as a steady frame-rate, traffic adds an extra bit of challenge and the neon-filled visuals are a joy to behold. A Super stylish futuristic racer well worth keeping an eye on.

Check Out a Hover Raider Gameplay Video Here

Download The Hover Raider Alpha Here (Windows)