Hoverbike Joust – Alpha Download

hoverbike joust

Hoverbike Joust is a fast paced and chaotic hoverbike racing/battling game in which you hurtle around tracks, attempting to stay in one piece, whilst bashing other racers off their bikes with your front prongs.

The physics can’t really be called ‘realistic’ in Hoverbike Joust, but realism isn’t what it’s aiming for, it’s aiming for chaos and fun – and it achieves these goals wonderfully.  More akin to Mario Kart than a racing sim, Hoverbike Joust features two game modes at the moment – race and battle (though others, such as capture the flag will be added later).

The battles mode is pretty hard at the moment, as it’s near impossible to spear another player when everyone’s driving around like maniacs.  But the racing is a little easier, with you racing at breakneck speeds around stylish low poly tracks, whilst attempting to bash opponents out the way and avoid wrecking yourself!

It’s still very early in developemnt, but Hoverbike Joust shows a lot of promise – perfect for a bit of low poly racing chaos!

Download the Hoverbike Joust Alpha Build Here