HoverCab – Student Project Game

HoverCab is a simple looking but addictive arcade game that plays like a futuristic 2D version of Crazy Taxi, with you transporting passengers within time limits and earning cash for upgrades as you go.

In HoverCab you take on the role of a newly licensed hovercab who must pick up and transport passengers as fast as possible to earn cash. The gameplay draws inspiration from the 1984 Spacetaxi game, though if you’re unfamiliar with that title, it can be best described as a 2D hovercab-based Crazy Taxi game.

The world of HoverCab is broken up into separate sections, each of which contains different missions that you have to complete to make it through to the next. These missions generally require you to pick up and drop off a certain amount of passengers before the timer elapses and each passenger will only wait a certain amount of time for your services (much like in Crazy Taxi). The more fares you complete, the more cash you’ll earn which can then be used to purchase upgrades, repairs and fuel for your cab. It’s worth repeating the early missions a few times as those upgrades really some in handy for future levels.

HoverCab isn’t the most visually spectacular game, but the 3D rendering of hovercab that you drive is very cool and the fast paced arcade gameplay is pretty addictive. A fun futuristic taxi game well worth taking for a spin.

Download HoverCab Here (Windows)