HoverGrease – Alpha Download

HoverGrease is a fast, fun furry multiplayer twin-stick arena shooter that pits genetically modified humanoid influencers against each other as they attempt to earn their freedom from the nefarious company that created them.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta Sign Up, HoverGrease is essentially a fast paced multiplayer twin-stick arena shooter for furries. It’s set in a future where a company called Big Corp Inc. has been experimenting with splicing animal and human DNA. The majority of the experiments resulted in grotesque abominations of nature, but some delivered aesthetically pleasing specimens who became celebrated in the public eye and were dubbed “Anthro Influencers”. The HoverGrease tournament is a PR stunt created by Big Corp inc. but win and you may also earn your freedom.

HoverGrease is very easy to pick up and play, with you running around the arena, grabbing weapons and attempting to frag your opponents. It currently features Team Deathmatch and F4A (free-for-all) game modes (with more planned), one map (with 6 planned), six unique weapons (with a5 planned) and two playable characters (with 12 planned). The two playable characters at the moment are Johnny Cock-head and Kimmy Frog, a chicken and a frog hybrid respectively. As more characters are added they’ll have different stats, but Johnny and Kimmy are both evenly matched so it’s more down to your preference for chickens or frogs.

HoverGrease doesn’t really do anything groundbreaking but it’s a solid top-down twin stick shooter with easily accessible gameplay and an interesting anthropomorphic animal combatants. A fun furry firefight with potential.

Download The HoverGrease Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)