How I Learned to Skate – Beta Demo

How I Learned to Skate is a delightful and incredibly challenging top-down ice-skating game where you attempt to navigate a beautiful frozen lake without bumping into anything.

In How I Learned to Skate you control a little boy who is learning how to skate on a large frozen lake. The game features a semi-QWOP-like control scheme that allows you to control the movement of each leg and makes things much harder than just pointing your wannabe skater in a direction and pushing a button. It takes a while to master (in a fun way), but once you’ve managed to figure out how to avoid inanimate objects you’ll then encounter moving obstacles which really ramp up the difficulty!

How I Learned to Skate is a very tough game, but rarely infuriating. This is thanks to the fact that the failures always feel fair and that the premise of the game is so charming. The audio and visual design is excellent too – particularly the ice-skate noises as they push through the ice and the fact that you can see all of the previous marks you left on the ice from your previous runs. Never before has a game been so simultaneously challenging, charming, cold and cozy. Highly recommended.

Download The How I Learned to Skate Beta Demo Here (Steam)