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How to Cope With Boredom and Loneliness is a hilarious little puzzle game in which you document the lonely life of a 43 year old man who’s been grounded in his room by his mother for the past 30 years!

In How to Cope With Boredom and Loneliness you take on the role of Nigel Wimble – an award winning documentary maker who is about to film the final episode in his “A Guide For The Isolated” series. Previous episodes have focused on remote tribes, lighthouse keepers and death row inmates, but this episode promises to be very special indeed, with you interviewing Harold – a 43 year old man who has been grounded in his bedroom since he was 13 years old!

The actual gameplay is fairly basic, with you simply choosing three items in Harold’s room to focus on that will make for the most hard hitting documentary. You select the items and then watch on as some genuinely hilarious scenes play out as the hapless Harold explains some of the strange ways he’s dealt with being isolated in his childhood bedroom for 30 years – particular highlights are his rather intimate relationship with a stuffed toy and a song he’s penned called ‘race car bed’.

You get ratings at the end of each playthrough that tell you how well you’ve done at selecting the best items to focus on for your documentary and you can use these ratings to help narrow down which items were the most hard hitting. There’s no need to get too bogged down in chasing those ratings though – you’ll want to play through multiple times anyway as the voice work, pixel art, Python-esque humor and bizarre insights into the odd life of Harold are absolutely hilarious. Highly Recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download How To Cope With Boredom and Loneliness Here (Win & Linux)

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  1. Hi,

    Resisting the urge to be rude.. :) ..why is the subtitles 3x too fast! I tried to make a video, literally impossible to even read the entire thing. This needs to be fixed, unplayable.

    • Hi. I’m Poffle from Point Bleep Studios. We have fixed the text speech now. Originally everything was going to be voiced but we ran out of time and forgot to change the text speed. I hope you find it playable now. Have fun.

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