How to Say Goodbye – Beta Demo

How to Say Goodbye is a stylish and poignant narrative-driven puzzle adventure where you move characters and objects around the afterlife by sliding the rows of tiles below them.

In How to Say Goodbye your character has recently died and turned into a ghost. You’re now trapped in a strange liminal space between life and death that’s home to ghoulish spirits called Spleens, and also home to some of your lost family and friends. The Spleens will try to deter you from escaping this place, but your friends offer kindness and words of wisdom that will help you escape.

In each level of How to Say Goodbye your aim is to get your character(s) to the exit door (and often unlock it), then pass through it to the next level. The game is controlled with a mouse and you move your character and other objects around by dragging the rows of tiles below them. Along the way you also meet other characters which you can talk to, and in the demo build you even meet a family member who you team up with for a while.

It’s a very unique puzzle adventure with satisfyingly tactile sliding mechanics, a great art style and a very touching story. It’s not about beating death and returning to the living, but about accepting death and learning to move on. If you’re looking for a puzzler with a meaningful narrative, it’s definitely worth saying hello to How to Say Goodbye.

Download The How to Say Goodbye Beta Demo Here (Steam)