Hug You: The Infinite Hugger – GameJam Build


Hug You: The Infinite Hugger, a game entered in the One Game a Month, has you playing a person with massive arms, perfect for hugging!

This game puts a new spin on an infinite runner, where you must use your huge arms to hug everyone in site. Once you have someone hugged, you can keep them in your arms. Humans are not the only thing you can hug. Cats also roam around, though they tend to try and avoid you. You can hug them (even try to get two into your arms), but they are hard to keep in your arms as they are much bigger than the thin people. Cats are a bit of a challenge, but worth a lot of points.

This infinite hugger is not an infinite runner, as you have a time limit to hug whatever you can. You can even hug bigger objects, like plants, chairs, and tables. These will not give you an initial bonus, and take up a lot of room, but can count towards a massive hug of a lot of people. If you do get a bonus, your arms are cleared of people, as mentioned. Try to hug everyone, and maybe everything, in this lovely Infinite Hugger.

Play Hug You: The Infinite Hugger in a Unity supported browser HERE