Huge Enemy: Worldbreakers – Alpha Demo


Huge Enemy: Worldbreakers is a beautiful hardcore bullet hell side scrolling shooter in which you blast swarms of enemies and giant bosses who attack you from two different layers of depth – the foreground and the background.

Huge Enemy: Worldbreakers is a very fast paced skill based shooter that adds a layer of strategy as you switch between weapons to alternate between shooting enemies in the foreground and the background. Enemies in the foreground can be shot with normal weaponry as in a traditional side scrolling shoot em up, but those in the background can only be targeted with Depth Weapons, so you need to switch between them accordingly.

You’ll need some real skill to succeed in Huge Enemy: Worldbreakers as the enemy attacks are relentless and you have to do a lot more multitasking than in a traditional bullet hell shoot em up. As well as foreground and background fire modes you also have different types of weaponry, power-ups, and aiming your fire with the mouse to contend with – which is easier said than done when you have a barrage of bullets flying at you!

As you progress you’ll be able to purchase upgrades but it’s still not a walk in the park.It’s a hard as nails bullet shoot em up with intense, spectacle-filled combat, slick visuals, innovative dual layer gameplay and (as the name suggests) some pretty huge enemies. A slick, stylish shoot em up that’ll really test your mettle.

Check out Huge Enemy on Greenlight Here

Download The Huge Enemy Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)