Hull BreacH – Alpha Demo

Hull BreacH Game

Hull BreacH, a game currently being created by We Are Bots, is a 3D First Person Sci Fi Survival Game where you play as the last surviving member of a crashed space shuttle.

Being the only one left alive on board The Wanderer IV, it is your mission to survive until the possibility of rescue arrives. Not only will you have to maintain your your hunger, food and morale but you will have to be on alert for hull breaches that you must repair. If this doesn’t happen then your ship will fill with Acrycine, the deadly atmosphere of the planet you crash landed onto.

The game is extremely pleasing on the eye. The ship itself is very cold and the metal halls give off a cold, lifelessness as you walk back and forth through them. The lighting, be it the small walkway lights or the larger lighting fixtures, give you enough ambient light to traverse the ship without the need of a flash light. The only downside is the lack of narrative on objectives (how to fix breaches and where to go to fix them) but this feature is to be implemented at a later date.

All in all the game is gorgeous, and has some great potential. We can’t wait to see where We Are Bots take this game, and what surprises might lurk in the cold recesses of space.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available