2 thoughts on “theHunter: Call of the Wild – Beta Sign Up (Steam)”

  1. Actually, theHunter is always famous under Steam players as a game with horrible in-game-purchases, like everything you would like undertake as a hunter, you have to pay. You see an elk – stop: you have to buy a license to shoot elks. Now you have the license – stop: you have to buy an appropriate riffe. Now you have a riffle – stop: you have to buy ammo. And so on. That’s why theHunter gets mostly negative critics at Steam.

    But. For me as for huge fan of “walking simulators” (dislike this term) and of virtual experiences is theHunter a huge fascinating nature simulation. You can enter it for free, you haven’t to buy, you haven’t to pay, you haven’t to kill. You just can roam around miles of beautiful nature and enjoy the breeze and view and weather. That’s why theHunter is my favorite. Even if I never will hunt.

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