2 thoughts on “Hunternet Starfighter – Alpha Sign Up”

  1. Thanks for the write up. We’ve already had a lot of new pilots join us since this went up! We have a small but quickly growing community on discord.

    My sim is easy to get into but has a ton of depth. Works great out of the box with keyboard and mouse or even game pad, but also has extensive sim pit support and head tracking. If you are Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica fan I guarantee it will leave a grin on your face :)

    Drop by the discord if you are curious, new pilots are always welcome:

  2. All I can say is just go for it. It has an adjustable, tune-able, flight model which allows moves that will dwarf your imagination. If you ever wanted to find yourself so wound up while playing a space combat game that you find yourself shouting out loud; this is the one that’ll do it!

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