Hunter’s Path – Alpha Demo

Hunter’s Path is a creepy retro side scrolling action adventure where you control a band of zealots as they fight evil monsters in 17th century New England.

In Hunter’s Path you control a band of four zealots as they fight their way through the haunted woodland of New England during the 17th century. You start with two musketeers and two knights, all of which you move in one large block as if they were a single character.

There are different buttons for your ranged and melee attacks, but they’re quite slow and you can’t do both at the same time, so you need to be a little tactical when fighting enemies. If one of your characters dies then they’re gone for good, but you can stop at shops to purchase new ones, with a choice of five different character classes (Musketeer, Knight, Halberdier, Gunner and Dragoon).

The current build of Hunter’s Path features around 15 minutes of gameplay, with you fighting your way through a woodland, battling a boss, then exploring an old church. The pixel art visuals and the creepy retro audio design helps build a lot of atmosphere and the game world is an interesting place to explore, filled with monsters and random events.

There is an issue with the current build, in that it’s quite easy to just avoid most of the enemies rather than fight them, but if you try to kill as many as possible then it’s a lot of fun. It’s a very promising game that looks set to offer a more action focused take on the retro MS-DOS horror of the FAITH games.

Check Out a Gameplay Demo Here

Download The Hunter’s Path Alpha Demo Here (Windows)