Hunter’s Sorrow – Game Jam Build

Hunter’s Sorrow is a thought provoking experience that explores the reality of how difficult, time consuming, brutal and scary deer hunting really is.

Set within the mountainous Scottish Highlands, Hunter’s Sorrow has you taking on the role of young man who goes out deer hunting on his own to prove his worth to his father. You have some binoculars, a hunting rifle and some rudimentary tracking skills to aid your hunt. It’s a long trek to find your target, and you’d better be sure to pay attention to the route you take as you have to make your way back too.

Hunter’s Sorrow really isn’t a “fun” game, in fact it goes out of its way to be deliberately “unfun”. You’ll spend most of your time traipsing across the Scottish countryside praying that you’re not lost, and later on it even starts to take on a survival horror tone. It’s a long and lonely slog that doesn’t glorify any of the hunt and gives you plenty of time to think about your actions.

It’s an interesting experience. In video games we often don’t think twice about gunning down anything that moves, but Hunter’s Sorrow makes you explore what it really means to take another life. Sure, it only takes a second to pull the trigger, but dealing with the consequences and the harsh reality of what you’ve done can take much longer.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Hunter’s Sorrow Here (Windows)