Husk – Playable Teaser Download

Husk game

Husk is a very creepy first person horror adventure in which you play a man trapped in a mysterious abandoned hospital with Silent Hills PT-esque loping corridors and high fidelity visuals.

The full game of Husk you will be a full adventure horror experience, complete with combat, scavenging for supplies and puzzles, as you immerse yourself in a rich story with multiple endings.  The Playable Teaser is a very different experience though – it feels fondly (or terrifyingly) reminiscent of PT, thanks to your limited interactions, fantastic visuals and clever use of looping level design.  The looping sections in Husk are far less obvious than PT though, with far more game area to explore as you wander around the hospital.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, there is a semblance of narrative throughout the Husk Playable Teaser’s playtime – with you able to deduce what is actually going on via cues in the surroundings and a child’s drawings that are scattered around the hospital.

With it’s fantastic visuals, tense atmosphere, visual trickery and intriguing story, the Playable Teaser for Husk will leave you yearning for more.  Hopefully it gets Kickstarted, as after such a promising start it’d be a shame for it to go the same way as Silent Hills!

Note:  Press Alt + Enter for full screen

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Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download The Husk Playable Teaser Here