HWASAL: The Arrow – Alpha Demo

HWASAL: The Arrow is a fun bow and arrow based assassination puzzler in which you attempt to guide arrows around each level to kill as many monsters as possible with each shot.

In HWASAL: The Arrow you take on the role of an assassin whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. Each level is a different assassination mission in which you attempt to kill as many minions as possible and then kill the target. You only have a few arrows and can’t move your starting point but you can direct the direction of the arrow by placing special orientation portals – which is placed correctly will allow you to take out masses of enemies in a single shot.

It’s a fun little game that plays a little like a beam of light-style puzzler, but with RPG elements and special power-ups that can allow the arrow to do things like more damage or pass through walls. It’s pretty addictive once you get into it and there’s a great satisfaction to be had from wiping out an entire screen of enemies with just a single arrow!

Download The HWASAL: The Arrow Alpha Demo Here (Windows)