Hyper Light Music – Alpha Download

Hyper Light Music is a super cool rhythm action arcade game that follows the beat, melody or percussion of your favorite songs as you defend your core from incoming attacks.

In Hyper Light Music you load up your favorite songs (in mp3 form) and choose from a selection of different modes to play in. Currently only Defend mode is available, but more modes will be added and you can choose from a selection of difficulty levels and whether the game will follow the beat, the melody or the percussion of the song you choose to play. There will be different genres that you can select in the full game, each with their own playstyle and visual FX, but at the moment it’s limited to ‘Electro’, which is best suited to dance music.

The gameplay in defense mode is simple, fast paced and super stylish, with you controlling a little neon ship which orbits around a center that you have to protect from incoming attacks. It’s quite easy initially, but it can get surprisingly hard when the tempo of a song picks up and it looks incredible.

It could do with controller support, but even on keyboard Hyper Light Music is already a whole lot of fun. The gameplay syncs up extremely well with the music and the pulsing, spinning neon visuals are a real feast for the eyes. Highly recommended.

Note: The current Alpha build of Hyper Light Music doesn’t come with any mp3’s (which you need to play), but if you’re looking for some funky, royalty free tunes to jam out to and use in Let’s Plays then we recommend checking out Bensound (just be sure to credit Bensound in the video description)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Hyper Light Music Alpha Here (Windows)