Hyper Time Disruptor – Alpha Download

Hyper Time Disruptor

Hyper Time Disruptor, a stylish time twisting Vaporwave tunnel racer, sees you avoiding obstacles around looping tracks, following your previous routes and attempting to catch up with a previous version of yourself!

At the start of each level in Hyper Time Disruptor, you must guide your ship around obstacles and through a tunnel. Your ship starts off going slow, so it’s not very difficult to avoid things like giant shapes, moving laser lines, and walled off areas. This level, however, is on a loop – so once you make it through the area the first time, you will see the trail you left behind when entering it the next time.

You must try and follow your previous trails as much as possible, as the longer you stay on the trails the faster you’ll go. Get up to a fast enough speed and you’ll actually catch up with the previous version of yourself that’s still making the trail! You then simply have to collide with yourself to go on to the next level.

Hyper Time Disruptor impresses with it’s super cool audio/visual design, fast paced gameplay and novel time bending mechanics in which you effectively race against yourself. Well worth checking out for some time twisting tunnel racing fun!

Download Hyper Time Disruptor Here (Win & Linux)