HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

HYPERCHARGE Unboxed Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is a very cool blend of horde mode-style first person co-op combat and tower defense in which you control customizable action figures who are fighting for survival against waves of rampaging toys.

Currently in development by Digital Cybercherries, creators of he excellent New Retro Arcade, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed offers intense co-op FPS action for up to four players in arenas set toy shop and your grandparents attic (with more locations to come). In the game you can customize your action figure and customize your loadout of weapons and turrets. You’re then unleashed in the arena where you have to build turrets, blast waves of enemy toys and defend the core at all costs.

Before each wave of toys attack you get a chance to build defenses from the selection of turrets in your loadout and you also have to be sure to insert batteries into the modules that supply power to the towers – if they have no power they won’t work. After the building phase then you have to fend off increasingly challenging waves of enemies, based on versions of your favorite childhood toys, using your own guns and the turrets which you’ve built. As you progress and build more turrets the battery power will drain faster, so you may even need to to up the battery power during an attack – requiring a deft bit of multitasking as you blast the hordes and manage batteries.

It’s a fun game that offers a great blend of tower defense strategy and action packed toy blasting combat. The toy-based aesthetic is a particularly nice touch as there’s a distinct childlike joy as you see knock-offs of your favorite childhood toys charging at you – the green army men especially! A very impressive co-op first person tower defense shooter that answers that age old question – what if Toy Story had guns in it?

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HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is Currently Available to Purchase on Steam Here

HYPERCHARGE: Uboxed Steam Early Access Key Giveaway