Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer – Game Jam Build Download

Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer is an oddly adorable little game where a space-bunny kills planets and feeds their hearts to its planet-eating boss.

In Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer you control a little rabbit with a jetpack and a big spear which can be used to destroy planets. Your planet-sized boss is hungry and needs to feed on the hearts of celestial bodies. You get those hearts by destroying the planets that they belong to – though they’ll understandably put up a fight when you come for them!

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer is a charming little game with a delightful cartoony art style, fun arcadey gameplay and a wonderfully weird premise. You do feel a little sorry for the planets as they’re very cute, but it’s great fun trying to tackle each one and the animation is fantastic. A brilliantly bizarre bunny boss rush game well worth hopping on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer Here (Windows & Mac)