Hyperparasite – Kickstarter Demo

Hyperparasite is an 80’s styled twin-stick arcade roguelike where you control a Venom-esque alien parasite that can inhabit the bodies of its enemies and use their skills in combat.

We first featured Hyperparasite on Alpha Beta Gamer last year while it was a prototype and were very impressed with the fast paced twin-stick action and parasitic body-swapping abilities. This latest build feels like a far more polished experience, with more enemy/host variety, lots more collectibles and a very cool icky black form your alien takes when out in the open that’s fondly reminiscent of Venom.

The alien parasite that you control is pretty weak on its own, but if it captures a human host then it can use that host’s abilities. Each host has either a ranged or melee weapon, with one main ability and a special ability. The host’s health will steadily drop while you inhabit them and when they get hit by an enemy they will take the damage instead of your parasite. Once the host takes too much damage then they’ll die and you’ll exit their body. The only real way your parasite can die is if it takes damage while it’s outside of a host, so it’s best to jump into a new host as soon as possible.

It’s a fun game with a great neon-infused 80’s visual style and body swapping gameplay that continually allows you to shake up your play style.  A parasitic fast paced run n’ gun that’s highly infectious!

Check Out the Kickstarter Page Here

Download The Kickstarter Demo Build Here (Steam)