HyperParasite – Prototype Download

HyperParasite is an 80’s inspired top down shooter in which you control a parasite that can jump between bodies of humans and steal new bodies if the old ones are harmed too much!

World War III is nearly over, Earth is trying to rebuild all that it has lost and is hopeful for the future. Everything seems like it is going to be okay, until another threat appears. An invisible parasitic organism that can take control of human beings, eat their soul, and then use their body to destroy the world. This parasite is you – spreading quickly through the human population and using the weapons that humans have created to kill them off.

After taking over a human, you are able to go from area to area killing off waves of humans with the weapons they have created. You shoot and reload the gun that your character has, use an area of knock-back against people around you, wield bats, and shoot gasoline barrels to watch them explode. Humans slowly die off when being shot or blown up – but so do you. Unlike humans however, when you are low on health, you can just zap yourself into a new body and continue to destroy the people around you.

It’s a fun game and HyperParasite doesn’t need to be played alone either – you can plug in some controllers and play with local co op with some friends. Clearing out the downtown area of this world (which is procedurally generated and changes each time you play) is even more fun when you have another parasite to suck the bodies of humans with you!

Download HyperParasite Here (Windows)