Hyperspace Delivery Service – Alpha Download

Hyperspace Delivery Service plays like a fun fusion of FTL and The Oregon Trail as you manage your spaceship, deal with random events and complete minigames, while attempting to deliver a package into the outer reaches of space in just 500 days.

In Hyperspace Delivery Service you take control of your spaceship as you attempt to deliver a package hundreds of lightyears through space. As you progress you’ll need to manage your fuel, oxygen and food supplies, as well as other consumables such as parts for repairing the ship, blaster ammo and med-kits.

All these resources cost money, but you can earn some by scanning the planet, extracting oxygen or completing jobs offered to you by aliens you contact over the comms system. You’ll also have random encounters during your hyper jumps between planets that can be beneficial, but often involve you avoiding a hazard of fending off attacks from space-pirates.

The jobs that you accept and the space pirate attacks shift the perspective to first person and allow you to fly the ship and blast meteors/pirates with rockets and lasers. Some jobs even involve you travelling down to a planet and embarking on a procedurally generated retro DOOM-esqe first person shooter mission.

It’s still early in development but Hyperspace Delivery Service already shows a lot of promise. The pixel artwork is excellent and the mixture of gameplay styles is great fun. Once you get to grips with it the game does get a little too easy and the minigames do get a little repetitive, but hopefully the difficulty gets balanced out in the future and the dev is already planning on adding more variation to the minigames. It’s shaping up to be an excellent space adventure well worth blasting off with.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Thew Hyperspace Delivery Service Alpha Here (Windows)