Hyperspace Pinball – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Hyperspace Pinball

Hyperspace Pinball is a great blend of classic pinball gameplay and arcade shoot-em-up action that sees you taking on waves of enemies and bosses on a variety of pinball tables.

As with pinball you hit the balls with the flappers and aim for a high score, but in Hyperspace Pinball you also have to contend with enemies, bonuses, mini-challenges, power-ups and bosses.  This adds another layer of skill to the classic pinball gameplay as you use your balls to blast enemies and aim for strategic weak point on the bosses.

The current build features a Campaign mode, a Boss Run mode and an Endurance mode.  Campaign mode is the main gameplay mode, in which you battle your way through levels of different enemies and bosses, collecting power-ups, completing mini-challenges and racking up as high a score as possible.  Boss Run mode allows you to take on one of the 8 bosses, aiming to vanquish it with just one life.  While Endurance Mode gives tests how far you can get with just one life.

With it’s exciting mix of pinball flipping and retro arcade shoot-em-up action, Hyperspace Pinball is a fun and novel twist on two classic types of gameplay.  A wonderfully addictive flip-em-up.

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We have 40 Hyperspace Pinball Steam Beta Keys To Giveaway!  We’ll be giving out 20 via our Facebook page and 20 via our Steam Page (Beta Testers who give useful feedback will also receive Full Steam keys for the full game upon release.)