Hyperun – Alpha Download & Full Game Competition (Steam)

Hyperun Game Download

Hyperun is a ludicrously fast futuristic racing game in which you ride TRON-esque bikes, capable of incredible feats of agility and 90 degree turns as fast as possible along gravity defying tracks.

To survive on the dangerous procedurally generated tracks of Hyperun you have to forget everything you know about traditional racing and the laws of physics. These bikes are unlike anything you’ve driven before and the right angle-filled tracks require a very special set of skills to navigate. Best played with a control pad, you can move the bikes left and right to avoid some obstacles using the thumbstick, but the majority of your turning will be done using the left and right triggers – each capable of instantly sending you into a drift then propelling you at a ninety degree angle when you release them.

It’s an interesting control scheme that takes a little while to master, but is an absolute blast when you get to grips wth it. Once you’re comfortable with the controls and the ridiculous speeds, you can even pull off a variety of badass tricks to earn skill points working your way up the Skill Point Leaderboard.

The Max Speed and the Skill Point leaderboards are separate, so you can try to climb your way up either, but achieving a max speed is the most satisfying. The further you race and the more boosts you run across the faster your bike will go, eventually working your way up to some eye meltingly fast speeds. Each run is unique and you start each race at 100 kph, but each time you make it past a 100 kph milestone (200, 300. 400 etc) you’ll permanently unlock a super boost that you can use to boost you back up to that speed at the press of a button.

It’s a blisteringly fast paced game that forces you to re-learn the way you apraoch racing with it’s brutally tough track design and unique ninety degree drift/turning control scheme. Super fast, suer cool and super addictive super bike racing!

To Join In the Hyperun Alpha just fill in this form and then retweet this tweet, the dev will then send you a key within the next few hours. Manage to exceed 500 kph in the Alpha and the Dev will send you a free full game key upon release. The competition closes on the 11th of July (more info here).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here