Hypnogogia – Game Jam Build

Hypnogogia is a creepy little game that sees you attempting to self-medicate with a variety of different psychotropic mushrooms as important people from your past visit you while you’re on an introspective psychedelic journey!

In Hypnogogia you play a man who is on a serious mushroom-induced introspective drug trip. While on your trip you see visions of people from your past, each of which confront you and affect your mental state – which you need to find a way to counteract using a selection of different mushrooms. If things get a little unbalanced then you’ll start to see horrifying visions and if things to far out of balance then you’ll vomit everywhere and it’ll be game over.

You manage your mental state using a wide selection of different psychotropic mushrooms, each of which has a different set of side effects that are listed on a “MUSH SHEET” that’s downloaded separately. Selecting the correct mushroom can be quite tricky, as fixing one aspect of your mental state can often throw another right out of whack.

It’s a cleverly crafted and very tough little drug-infused puzzler with great pixel artwork and a very creepy atmosphere caused by the tense audio and freaky hallucinations you have. A mushroom munching psychedelic journey well worth embarking on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You’ll need to Download the ‘MUSH SHEET” to play. The link is at the bottom of the Hypnogogia game page. It tells you the properties of each of the mushrooms.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Hypnogogia Here (Browser)