HYPREME – Prototype Download


HYPREME is a strange hyper-kinetic randomly generated dungeon crawling brawler in which you beat up enemies and chug a fictional energy drink, while listening to hardcore dance music and being subjected to OTT, energy drink-style marketing slogans.

Your aim in HYPREME is simple – just beat up enemies and bosses to reach the exit of the level. Some enemies will drop cash which you can then use in HYPREME vending machines which will restore your energy. The actual combat can be a bit fiddly at times due to the way you have to aim with the mouse (may be better with a dual stick shooter-style controller implementation), but it’s thumping soundtrack, flashing slogans and quirky visuals make for a strangely addictive experience.

Much like the energy drinks it’s lampooning, HYPREME is very much a case of style over substance at the moment, but the style is very cool and it even manages to give you an energy drink-esque rush thanks to that infectious beat mixed and strobing visuals. So you can now get that caffeine rush without having to drink three bottles of fizzy liquid poison!

Play or Download HYPREME Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)