Hyss – Alpha Demo

Hyss is a charming dual character fantasy puzzle platforming adventure in which a little gnome and a big troll team up to help save cows that are stuck in fairy puzzle traps.

After the Cow Queen accidentally sat on a fairy, the fairies have declared war on the poor cows, abducting them and trapping them inside cleverly designed puzzles that cannot be solved by just one person. Step forward Vilde the Gnome and Grusa the Troll, who have promised to save the cows and put an end to the fairies’ misguided war. The Cow Queen has also lent you the Cowknight – her most fearless cow, who you can summon from trumpets that are scattered around the game world.

In Hyss you can switch between control of Vilde and Grusa at the touch of a button, or Grusa can carry Vilde on his shoulders, allowing you to move both of them at the same time. Grusa is big and strong, able to smash obstacles, throw the Cowknight and jump over obstacles. Vilde on the other hand is small and able to squeeze through small gaps and get the Cowknight to follow him. To solve the puzzles and save the cows you’ll need to use Grusa and Vilde’s unique abilities to help activate the various pressure pads that can move objects in the game world and remove obstacles in your path.

The current Alpha Demo build of Hyss features around 15 minutes of gameplay and really impresses with it’s beautiful visuals, charming characters and inventive puzzle design. Vilde and Grusa are a joy to control and the puzzles make great use of their unique abilities. Show those fairies who’s boss in this cleverly crafted dual character fantasy adventure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Hyss Alpha Demo Build Here (Windows)