I Am Fish – Alpha Demo

I Am Fish is a delightful physics based platforming sequel to I Am Bread, which sees four different fishy friends escaping captivity to reunite once again in the ocean.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Pre-Alpha sign up, I Am Fish is a sequel to Bassa Studios’ I Am Bread, but instead of controlling a floppy slice of bread you take control of four uniquely skilled little fishies. The fish in question are a goldfish, a pufferfish, a piranha and a flying fish. They were all friends when they stayed together in the aquarium at the pet store together, but since they were purchased by their owners they were all separated. They now yearn for their friends and freedom, and they’ll have to traverse some tricky environments to achieve it.

The full game of I Am Fish will allow you to play as all four fish, each with their own unique abilities. The current demo allows you to play as the goldfish as it attempts to roll through the rooftops and streets of a busy city and reach the sea without smashing its bowl.

The gameplay is a little similar to Super Monkey Ball, but there’s a lot more weight and momentum to your water-filled bowl and you really need to be careful not to smash it by dropping onto hard surfaces. The city environment in the demo is very impressive, with lots of great little details and multiple routes for you to discover and collectibles to find.

There’s a real feeling of quality and attention to detail in the environment which makes guiding your brave little goldfish through it a real joy. The physics based movement of the goldfish feels great and the other playable fish in the full game look like they’ll be a lot of fun too. A fabulous physics-based fishy platformer that’ll get you hooked.

Download I Am Fish Alpha Demo Here (Steam)