I AM HERE – Beta Demo

I AM HERE is a narrative-driven first person adventure that takes an insightful, thought provoking and harrowing look at social change, the struggles of gay couples in the 60’s/70’s and mental health, as your dementia-suffering protagonist searches her home for her partner.

In I AM HERE you take on the role of Karen, a successful writer and lifelong partner of Lisa, whom you first started seeing in the 60’s. After waking up alone in the house you decide to go and search for her, but something’s not right, the interior of your house keeps on changing – flitting through different eras, from the 60’s to the present day. It soon becomes apparent that they are your jumbled up memories and you’re struggling to make sense of it all due to suffering from an advanced state of dementia.

As you phase from era to era, you learn more about Karen’s life and how the world has changed during her lifetime. Things were tough for a gay couple back in the 60’s and like many others, you and Lisa decided it was best to hide your relationship from the surrounding community, which was the cause of some arguments. Things do change, but you still don’t get the feeling that you’re fully accepted by society – perhaps the reason the couple never get married.

The devs are keen to stress that the current build is a Demo, but it already tells a full, complex and emotional story during its half hour playtime. A lot changes throughout Karen’s lifetime and it makes for a captivating experience from start to finish. An incredible piece of interactive storytelling that tackles two difficult subjects deftly. Highly recommended.

Download I AM HERE Here (Windows)