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I am the captain download

I Am The Captain is a very silly Star Trek inspired space adventure in which your objective is to become the captain of as many ships as possible.

Created by Tyrus Peace (Cloudbase Prime), you are the captain of something that looks an awful lot like the Starship Enterprise, you’re free to roam the ship, slap or befriend super happy crewmembers, throw things and fly to planets. You can even crash land on any planet you fly to by selecting ‘crash’ in the console in the bridge, then explore the planet, avoiding deadly enemies and collecting a core to repair the ship.

The crew all adore you on your ship, always keen to remind you that ‘you’re the captain’, and you can even slap them around a bit with no retaliation. But things all change once you step into a teleporter. Teleporters warp you to another similar looking, but quite different ship, with a crew keen to remind you that ‘you’re not the captain’ and start shooting you with their phasers. Your aim is to make it to the bridge of the new ship, at which point the crew will automatically accept you as your captain. This can be a little tricky with crewmembers blasting you with phasers, but you can get heath pickups and weapons from breakable crates.

I Am The Captain was created during a short time for Star trek Jam, so does have a few rough edges (combat especially), but there’s no denying the charm of the characters, the joy of exploration and the super silly gameplay that’s guaranteed to raise a smile. Set phasers for fun!

Check Out an I Am The Captain Gameplay Video Here

Download I Am The Captain Here (Win, Mac & Linux)